Reviews: See what clients say about Loretta Attardo

This Feedback Digest as reported by the American Arbitration Association includes 5 Feedbacks in 5 Mediations. Parties and counsel who have used Ms. Attardo would overwhelmingly use her services again and would, without hesitation, recommend her to others.

"Loretta is one of a very short list of very seasoned, collaborative, and successful employment law mediators in the Boston area who is known for helping parties and their counsel reach resolutions that are amicable, respectful, and based on terms that everyone can actually feel pretty good about. She is outstanding at getting to the core issues in dispute both as to the legal claims and as to the emotional/psychological components that have otherwise been barriers to settlement. She is outstanding at giving parties a safe and respectful environment to vent their frustrations and the reasons they have brought the claim. She is creative and respectful in the way that she explores how parties see a livable resolution, and by creating such an environment, she makes it safe for parties to use the process as a healing tool so they can let go of the dispute and focus on a remedy. I have worked with Loretta many times over the last 12 or more years and always include her on my list of proposed mediators. As such, I would and often do highly recommend her to my colleagues and peers."

"I consider Loretta Attardo one of the two best mediators in New England."

"She is extremely effective at increasing flexibility from both sides of a case. She bonds well with the parties, and is skilled at both relaxing the parties and enlightening them about the realities of their case, the law, etc. I have recommended Ms. Attardo on numerous occasions."

"She is honest and frank with all parties, with a skill for diplomacy."

"She is simply one of the best. Ms. Attardo's mediation skills and abilities are rated as highly effective."

"Loretta's broad employment law experience from a very a high corporate level through individual plaintiffs brings a unique credibility and expertise to the mediation table that most mediators don't have. She also is a master at getting to the “heart of the dispute” alongside the “heart of the barriers” to settlement in a way that provides counsel for the parties the ability to harmonize their zealous advocacy obligations with a responsible manner in which they can engage in the more collaborative and creative resolution strategy that a meaningful mediation process contemplates. This allows for counsel and their clients to focus on solutions rather than litigation, and to be able to trust that Loretta's processes and ideas are rooted in experience and a meaningful understanding of the law."

"Ms. Attardo is an exceptionally skilled mediator. She can see all sides of an issue, develops excellent rapport with parties and their counsel, wins the respect and trust of both sides, and manages to move the once-inflexible."

"Ms. Attardo worked diligently and competently to bring the parties to a resolution of a difficult and complex dispute. She continued her efforts after the formal mediation ended without resolution, until a settlement was ultimately reached."

"She was effective at diplomatically pointing out the weaknesses in the case and she kept at it by phone long after our initial mediation session. She was also creative in finding solutions."

"As someone who represents both employees and management, I can also say that I would be happy and confident in retaining Loretta to serve as a mediator irrespective of what side I happen to be on. I think that says a lot about her balance, fairness, and integrity. She is by far one of the really good ones and well worth her fee."

"She has the ability to introduce reality into the proceedings, and to convey risk and benefits. She handled our client, who was someone who had good cause to feel wounded, deftly, and left him (and his counsel) feeling she had maximized his recovery."

Summary from American Arbitration Association: Ms. Attardo was persistent, persuasive and patient. She was also a very quick study. Ms. Attardo is also highly regarded for her ability to effect a positive outcome. Costs were widely reported as reasonable in the context of the value of the disputes mediated by Ms. Attardo, and in general a very high degree of satisfaction was reported. No reportable negative comments have been received since Ms. Attardo’s designation as an IMI Certified Mediator.